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SuperBands are made from 11 layers of quality latex meaning they are extremely durable. Normal resistance bands don’t offer as much resistance and will also snap a lot easier. They will not last as long and whilst they are generally cheaper, you may end up spending more on buying a new set more regularly.

SuperBands also do not have handles unlike many resistance bands which means just one less part that can break. It also makes them a lot more convenient to carry in a bag, backpack or suitcase.

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Simply because you are getting your muscles working in both directions (concentrically and eccentrically).
Transition between exercises is also a breeze. No worrying about adding weight to a barbell or waiting for your favourite piece of equipment to become free. Just grab a different band or use the same one.

Perform 100’s of different exercises.

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Each SuperBand is of varying resistance as detailed. They are suited to not only varying strengths of the people using them but to different body parts too.
The SuperBands also give you the ability to progress your workouts. Meaning you can move to the wider bands when you become stronger or more proficient in a particular exercise.

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Compared to traditional free weights and even some machines is that you get a workout in both directions. That is, both pushing and pulling weight. Yes, you can get the same sort of result from some types of exercise machines but I’m not willing to pay hundreds if not $1000’s when I can make a small investment for similar or better results.

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Your SuperBands just require water and a soft cloth to clean them. Please do not use any abrasive materials or chemicals

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They can be stretched up to twice their length safely. About 2 metres or 6 feet

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The SuperBands will fade a little over time and may get a slight whitening on the outside. This will not effect the SuperBands effectiveness and can be easily cleaned with a slightly water dampened cloth.

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Generally 3 weeks for most places around the world but please allow at least 20 working days (can be over 1 month if there are any national holidays) especially during peak periods.

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● Ensure you have a stable base before starting any of the exercises

● You can hold many of the positions for 1 to 2 seconds. This will give the muscles concerned a bit more intense workout

● Ensure all movement is as smooth as possible with controlled actions both when the band is being extended and returned to start position. This will ensure a more effective workout as it incorporates more muscle fibres.

● If you find the workout is too easy then either switch to a thicker band or increase the tension on your existing band. This can be done by shortening the length of band you are holding on to in many cases. You can even use 2 or more bands together.

Your SuperBand Exercise Bank has all the exercises and videos you need.

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Normally this would not happen but may be due to excess glue drying during the manufacturing process. Thanks to a very helpful customer this is the procedure to fix this quickly.

  1. Do not separate manually as this may tear the band
  2. Soak in hot water for 10 minutes
  3. Remove band from water and wipe with a soft cloth
  4. Band should  now separate easily and any glue would now be melted
  5. Wipe off any glue with a soft cloth
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FREE economy international delivery to most places is within 4 weeks (20 working days)
& includes a tracking number.

Please Enquire about our Express Tracked Delivery with about 7 days delivery which is available at discounted prices

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