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The Best Simple Health Plan – Not involving the Gym

Guys, are you aware of the fact that your body is performing a constant workout even when you are not exercising? Why not give it a boost this year and get rid of some extra pounds. However, if you do not have extra pounds, it is still beneficial for your body, strength and skin. People who are active in their daily routine stay fit as compared to those who visit the gym occasionally. So can you stop using the car to fetch groceries and have a good walk with your partner? Not only for fitness, but it will be the perfect remedy for your relationship too. Here are some fun-time activities to stay healthy and have some fun too!

Simple Health Plan

These are the type of workouts which do not require any planning or routine. People who have a busy full-time routine can apply this plan easily. A whole day at office and evening with friends/family frequently does not allow you to spend time in the gym or join the yoga club.

Got a Spare 2 Minutes?

Best Activities for Simple Health

Most of the people who fail to stay fit always find reasons to avoid active life. Instead, look for what is good for you in real life? Do not put yourself in arguments and explain your routine because no one can understand it better than yourself! Your approach should relate to your willpower and goals of life. Let’s see some of the perfect offhand work-out plans creating fun for your family and friends.


You can find some self-assemble campers and tents in the market to plan a camping trip on a weekend. Prefer to buy something interesting and easy to assemble. Start your journey with assembling a camper or filling your car trunk with supplies. When you are done with it, make sure you are going to some hilly area or a jungle. You are doing constant workout and calorie burn during activates like cooking food, fetching vegetables, cutting fruits, setting up a tent, exploration walk and lighting up the fire.


Are you fond of taking selfies on mountains? Well, it seems too weird. Plan to get followers and likes on your social media profile though posting such pictures. A two-day hiking experience will be more than a 15-day workout in the gym. These fun activities really assist you more in losing weight and keeping healthy in the long term.

Even a Short Hike is great for the mind too!

Play with Kids or Walking the Dog

If you are married and have children or a pet, then you should never miss quality play time with them. With the kids, you can listen to them all you want and share time too in a single game play. Even hide and seek can be a real option. If you wish to be the favorite parent, then participate in their soccer match too. They will be delighted to see you playing with them. It will not only help you in staying fit, but you will get some quality family time. And according to dog trainers, set aside private dog time—a brisk walk is ideal for that. Just avoid the stop and go. Be the leader with a non interrupted walk.


It is one of the most exciting and interesting aspects of a casual workout plan. This weekend you can plan to make a complete dinner for your spouse. Can you even imagine how much he/she will be pleased? Your relationship and fitness both requires your devotion. Just prepare two to three dishes by spending three hours in the kitchen. This workout plan helps in losing calories faster.

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