superband upper back

SuperBand Upper Back and Chest Workout

SuperBand Upper Back and Chest Workout


Welcome to Devel Fitness. My name is Garry Devellerez.
Today we’re going to run through a SuperBand Upper Back and Chest Workout

It only takes a bit over 2 minutes

Here we have Amy demonstrating the exercises.

First we just starting off with a yellow band and we’re doing a SuperBand Lat Pull Down.

It’s a pretty simple exercise, just make certain you’ve got the correct form as demonstrated by Amy.

Move straight into a SuperBand Row from there so you don’t even need to change your band. Makes it nice and easy to transition.

We then go into a slightly different position. The reason for that is that we are working some slightly different muscles as well but also keeping the rhythm going of the actual routine.

From here Amy’s going to demonstrate some squats to break up the routine. So the band won’t actually give you any extra resistance during the squat but by keeping your arms out in front of you as demonstrated by Amy you get a slightly different variation on your squats.

Ok, Superband Lat Pull Downs again. Except as you can see Amy’s in a slightly squatted position so you’re actually using some stabilizing muscles to perform the exercise. So another variation in the routine.

Finally we’re going into SuperBand Boxing. Boxing is a great exercise to work that upper body. We can swap the band to the Red SuperBand if you like so you can get more resistance.

What I’d recommend though is that you start off with the lighter or easier superbands such as the yellow and once you’ve got your form correct then you can move on to the red or even higher resistance bands.

Well that’s the routine. As I said, a really great routine to get the heart pumping and you need only a bit over 2 minutes.

Thanks for listening and watching too.

My name is Garry Devellerez from Devel Fitness.


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