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Travel 2016 - Health, Wisdom & Friendship

Travel 2016 – Health, Wisdom & Friendship

Travel 2016 – Health, Wisdom & Friendship

There are many people all around the globe who have made it their New Year’s resolution to travel more in 2016. In fact, traveling is considered to be quite a popular resolution every year! Believe it or not, traveling can benefit your body in many ways. After all, the majority of experts believe that there are a number of psychological benefits associated with travel. Learning more about geography, politics and history? Making new friends? Airbnb can be a great way not only for some well priced accommodation but to really mingle with the locals.

Seriously, do you need anymore reasons to get out and see the world? If you have resolved to put a few more stamps in your passport this year, here are some tips and a bit of helpful information that can assist you in staying fit and healthy while you visit all of those destinations listed on your travel bucket list.

Travel 2016 - Health, Wisdom & Friendship
Travel 2016 – Health, Wisdom & Friendship

Travel Light

So many travelers over pack for their vacations and then immediately regret it once they arrive at their destination. In order to travel light and avoid over packing, there are a few measures you should take. First, you should research the weather forecast for the area you are visiting. Don’t just assume that the weather should be a certain way depending on location. For example, if you are visiting a tropical destination with warm weather, there’s no need to pack pants, sweaters, windbreakers or other bulky clothing. Instead, you should pack lightweight swimsuits, flowing cover-ups and airy sundresses. Another way to travel light is to leave the toiletries at home. Most hotels provide items such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more free of charge for guests. You may even want to give the hotel a call before you embark in order to find out which toiletries they offer. By leaving these items out of your suitcase, you can save some room and it won’t be as heavy or hard to maneuver.

Travel 2016 – Health, Wisdom & Friendship
Travel 2016 – Health, Wisdom & Friendship

Get Fit On the Go

There’s no need to compromise your health or your fitness routines while you take in new sights on your travel excursions. There is also no need to hunt down a gym at every stop you make on your trip. This is because there are all kinds of easy travel fitness methods which can save you time while keeping you healthy. One of the best ways to build muscle tone while traveling is to use a resistance band. These exercise tools are lightweight and compact in size which means that they won’t take up too much room in your suitcase or carry-on. People who like to travel enjoy using resistance bands because you can practically use them anywhere. For instance, if you want to catch a breathtaking sunset, you can always find a spot to get in some quick exercise while you watch the sun setting. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to using resistance bands for travel fitness.

2016 is going to be the year you finally start living your dreams of traveling the world! Hopefully these tips have helped you decide how to properly prepare for your next trip so you can maintain your health and stay in shape while jet-setting.

Yoga Healthy Body

Yoga Healthy Body & Healthy Mind,Stretch Yourself

Yoga Healthy Body and Healthy Mind, Stretch Yourself

Have you been looking for a way to stay in shape without having to go to the gym? While there are plenty of at home fitness options, there is one that is extremely popular due to the many healthy benefits it provides the body and mind. Yoga not only tones the body, it also relaxes the mind and promotes tranquility. It is practiced by millions of people each day all around the globe and you can also do so in the comfort of your own home. If you are thinking about trying out some yoga at home, there are a few accessories you will likely need to get your “Yoga Healthy Body”.

A Yoga Mat

Of course you will need to get a yoga mat. While yoga poses can be performed on regular flooring, it’s recommended you use a mat that has been specifically made to prevent slipping and sliding.

A SuperBand

Another yoga must-have accessory is a superband. This is because there are some poses which can be supplemented by adding a bit of resistance. The results are usually accelerated thanks to resistance bands so you can get to looking and feeling your best in no time.

A Yoga Block

Many advanced yoga poses require the use of a yoga block to stabilize and support the body. While you can use practically any sturdy square or rectangular box, yoga blocks are typically better to use because they feature non-slip surfaces.

A Pair of Yoga Socks

If you find that you need a little more gripping power while striking your poses, you should slip on a pair of yoga socks. These type of socks have rubber gripping strips on the bottom of the sole to help you hold poses longer and most of them do not cover the toes in order to provide flexibility and allow free range of motion.

As soon as you pick up these few yoga accessories, you’ll be ready to turn your own home into a relaxing yoga studio. Go ahead – Get ready to say hello to Your Yoga Healthy Body!

Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises

Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises This Season

Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises This Season

Ski season is finally here and that means it’s time to hit the slopes! Before you grab your gear and head to your favorite ski spots, you of course want to make sure you’re body is prepared. If you’re in need of some winter fitness inspiration, here are a few of the best skiing superband exercises that you can perform to quickly get in shape for the ski season.

Banded Lateral Walk

Banded lateral walking tones up both your inner and outer thighs which can help you maintain your balance while skiing. (Please note that you will want to use a mini resistance band to perform this particular exercise.) To do a banded lateral walk, stand up with knees slightly bent and with your feet spread apart to align with your hips. Then, place the mini resistance band on the lower portion of your legs and then walk laterally as you stretch the band for a touch of resistance.

Banded Squat

Since your thighs do much of the work while skiing, it’s important to strengthen them with some squats. To perform squats with a resistance band, simply stand straight up, place the band under your feet and then squat down while firmly holding the two ends of the band.

Banded Lunge

Lunges are also a great exercise to incorporate into your workouts if you want strong legs and thighs that will be fully ready to hit the fresh powder. To do a lunge using a resistance band, place it under one foot and then hold on to the ends of it as you lunge up and down in place. The squat motion will promote muscle tone in the leg and bottom region, while the resistance will strengthen your arms.

Getting in shape before putting on your skis is the best way to reduce the chance of injury and minimize post ski session muscle soreness. Continue to perform these resistance band exercises on a regular basis in order to strengthen the muscles that are most often strained by extreme winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

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Winter Workout Routine: How to Stay With It

Winter Workout Routine: How to Stay With It

Winter Workout Routine: How to Stay With It

Summertime is one of the best times to work up a sweat and burn some calories. When the cooler months roll around, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay with a regular workout routine. The cold weather and harsh cool air make exercising outdoors almost impossible.

To help you stay with that Winter Workout Routine, we’ve outlined a few tips for you to keep in mind this season:

Warm up indoors

If you’re a runner, you’re probably used to warming up outdoors. A few stretches and jumping jacks and you’re good to take off into a full sprint. But in the winter, you might try to stick with the same habits—a trend which can inevitably lead you to full on burnout.

Instead, start your workout indoors with the Devel fitness Superbands and get your muscles moving and blood pumping before your running shoes hit the pavement. This gives your body time to acclimate and your mind the motivation to get going.

Breakout the workout equipment

If you’re accustomed to working out in a gym, but hate leaving the warmth of your home to get there, then breakout your old workout gear. We highly recommend our resistance SuperBands to keep your muscle tone in check. Because they are so flexible, they can adjust to your strength level too. So you never have to worry about straining yourself. Working out at home is one of the best solutions to poor outdoor conditions. And for those travelers, the SuperBands pack away easily and a warm up in the hotel room is convenient.

If you find yourself backsliding from your workout routine, don’t fret. Do your best to include some aerobic exercise at least three times a week at the same intensity and duration. This will keep you motivated for when the weather turns around.

For extra help, be it yoga or cross country skiing, the Devel fitness resistance SuperBands make exercising a breeze. They will help you maintain muscle tone no matter what it looks like outside!

We always recommend great music to accompany the stretches. Maybe something soothing classical or jazz tunes to get you in a reflective mood? How about something a bit more upbeat when you feel like working out harder? Our book Band Aid is a also great guide that targets certain areas of your body so come the warmer months you’ll never be behind.