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Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises

Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises This Season

Best Skiing SuperBand Exercises This Season

Ski season is finally here and that means it’s time to hit the slopes! Before you grab your gear and head to your favorite ski spots, you of course want to make sure you’re body is prepared. If you’re in need of some winter fitness inspiration, here are a few of the best skiing superband exercises that you can perform to quickly get in shape for the ski season.

Banded Lateral Walk

Banded lateral walking tones up both your inner and outer thighs which can help you maintain your balance while skiing. (Please note that you will want to use a mini resistance band to perform this particular exercise.) To do a banded lateral walk, stand up with knees slightly bent and with your feet spread apart to align with your hips. Then, place the mini resistance band on the lower portion of your legs and then walk laterally as you stretch the band for a touch of resistance.

Banded Squat

Since your thighs do much of the work while skiing, it’s important to strengthen them with some squats. To perform squats with a resistance band, simply stand straight up, place the band under your feet and then squat down while firmly holding the two ends of the band.

Banded Lunge

Lunges are also a great exercise to incorporate into your workouts if you want strong legs and thighs that will be fully ready to hit the fresh powder. To do a lunge using a resistance band, place it under one foot and then hold on to the ends of it as you lunge up and down in place. The squat motion will promote muscle tone in the leg and bottom region, while the resistance will strengthen your arms.

Getting in shape before putting on your skis is the best way to reduce the chance of injury and minimize post ski session muscle soreness. Continue to perform these resistance band exercises on a regular basis in order to strengthen the muscles that are most often strained by extreme winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

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