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What is a SuperBand and Why Should I be Using It?

What is a SuperBand and Why Should I be Using It?

There are all kinds of tools and devices which promise to help you get in shape but not many of them come close in comparison to what are known in the fitness community as a SuperBand. These stretchy exercise bands have become extremely popular because they are large enough to be considered an all-in-one fitness tool. Most superbands measure 40” or so and are made out of a thick natural latex rubber material which has the ability to stretch up to twice its original length. Now that’s a whole lot of stretching power!

The next best thing about superbands is that everyone can use them. They are recommended by fitness professionals, trainers and physical therapists. Individuals who are going through rehabilitation or those who participate in a wide range of activities such as yoga, pilates, powerlifting, cross training, P90x, Insanity, endurance training and strength training. Now that you know what a superband is, it’s time to get one for yourself. Here are a few ways that superbands can enhance your workout. Whether you are outdoors, at the gym or perhaps exercising in the comfort of your own home.


Superbands are a great tool to have around because they offer resistance. You can use them for resistance band exercises such as shuffles, lunges or monster walks. Believe it or not, gradually increasing resistance while stretching or toning has been known to speed up recovery, condition the muscles, improve flexibility and enhance physical performance. You will find that most popular brands of exercise superbands offer multiple different bands with varying levels of resistance. It’s best to choose the one that works best for you. You can even collect all of them so you can change it up as you advance.


Another reason why you should own a resistance band is because they can provide assistance during your workouts. For example, many people use them for assisted chin-ups, pull-ups, dips and deep squats. Since superbands are made out of a heavy duty latex, you can rest assured when using them to for a little fitness assistance.


Are you are a weightlifter or a powerlifter? You definitely could benefit from incorporating a superband into your lifting. This is because they can be used to overload the bar and add resistance to lifting activities. For example bench presses, squats and dead lifts.

Stretching with a SuperBand

The Superband is also an excellent stretching tool! You can use them to stretch just about any of the muscles in your body. Those in your legs, arms, back, neck, hips, shoulders or feet. They are especially useful for those who are recovering from torn MCLs, torn ACLs, patella injuries or knee replacements.

If you enjoy staying active or if you are recovering from a painful sports injury, you will definitely want to keep a couple of superbands on hand. You may be thinking that something so awesome will likely come with a hefty price tag. This isn’t true at all. Most resistance bands are rather inexpensive and designed to last, so they really are worth the small investment.


SuperBands – 4 Reasons You Should Use SuperBands To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

At Devel Fitness, SuperBands are our flagship product. We’re dedicated to helping everyday people achieve their fitness goals through helpful exercise programs and fitness advice – and with our powerful, exercise-band based home gym system.

Curious about the benefits of SuperBands? We’d be happy to tell you more about them! Read on, and see why SuperBands are such a useful product.

  1. You Can Use SuperBands Anywhere

Even if you chose to buy a full set of SuperBands, you can easily fit them into a small duffel bag, and take them just about anywhere. If you tend to travel a lot for work, or you don’t have a dedicated home gym space, SuperBands are a perfect choice for you!

You can easily set up SuperBands in a hotel room or a spare room, get your workout in, and then set them aside – no muss, no fuss, no hassle!

  1. SuperBands Are Affordable

A gym membership can cost you upward of $50 a month, and home gym equipment is equally expensive. Interested in a treadmill? Get ready to pay over $1000!

In contrast, SuperBands are totally affordable. You can get a full set of SuperBands for under $100 – the price of two months membership at a gym! And with your new SuperBands, you can work out in the comfort of your own home, and follow our customized training plans to meet your training goals – for less!  

  1. Stretching And Strength Training With SuperBands Helps You Avoid Injury

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just getting started in the world of fitness, stretching with SuperBands can help you avoid debilitating and dangerous injuries.

Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life when it comes to fitness – in fact, some estimates have 65-80% of runners suffering some kind of injury each year!

SuperBands can help. The relationship between strength training and injury prevention is well-documented. Strength training helps strengthen your bones, tendons, and ligaments – and prevent common exercise-induced injuries.

And while there is still not scientific consensus on whether or not stretching can prevent injury, it has been proven that stretching the muscles can help improve athletic performance.

With SuperBands, you can benefit from both low-intensity stretching, as well as high-resistance strength training – in one affordable package!  

  1. SuperBands Can Increase Strength, Flexibility, And Cardio

SuperBands can help you train – no matter what your fitness goals are.


  • Low-resistance SuperBands can be used to help you stretch, and increase the range-of-motion of your joints.
  • Medium-resistance SuperBands can be incorporated into a cardiovascular fitness routine. By using a reasonable resistance and high reps, you can truly get your heart pumping! This is a great way to warm yourself up before other workouts, such as running or cycling.
  • High-resistance SuperBands such as our Green Superband XL offer 100lbs of resistance. You can train and strengthen the large muscles of your legs, back, and chest with these SuperBands.


See The Benefits Of SuperBands For Yourself – Shop Now!

At Devel Fitness, we truly believe in our products. So don’t just take our word for it! Whether you’re interested in testing out a single one of our SuperBands, or purchasing a full set of resistance bands, you won’t be disappointed.

Shop now – and browse our website to learn more about our simplified approach to exercise, nutrition, and health!

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SuperBands – How SuperBands Can Help You Train For Strength, Flexibility, And Cardio!

At Devel Fitness, we’re dedicated to helping our customers live a better life with our powerful, flexible SuperBands home fitness products!

With the power of SuperBands, just about anyone can get an incredible workout in the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re looking for strength training, a way to increase your flexibility, or a great cardiovascular workout, you can do it all with SuperBands! Keep reading, and learn more!

Strength Training

Our heavy-duty resistance SuperBands are ideal for anyone seeking an alternative to traditional weight training techniques. Our large purple/blue band and green band provide 65lbs and 100lbs of resistance, respectively.

This makes our heavy-duty SuperBands the ideal way to train the large muscles of your upper chest and back, as well as your legs.

Looking to build mass in your arms? The SuperBand Bicep Curl can help you build up your biceps, and the Standing Alternate Row helps you build up your deltoids, bis, and tris!

With the dozens of exercises available on Devel Fitness, you can build a comprehensive strength training program – without purchasing free weights or a gym membership!

Flexibility Training

Whether you’re seeking increased flexibility for better athletic performance, or you’re recovering from an injury, lightweight SuperBands such as the 15lb resistance, yellow SuperBand is an ideal product!

These low-resistance, gentle bands allow you to gently stretch out your muscles, making them an ideal choice for physical therapy and rehabilitation. As you continue to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility, you can progress to heavier SuperBands!

Cardiovascular Training

Any SuperBands workout can easily be turned into a high-intensity cardiovascular training session. Simply select a low-resistance band such as our 15lb yellow SuperBand, or our 35lb red SuperBand, and begin a high-rep, low-resistance workout!

If you’re looking for a fantastic cardio workout circuit, we recommend starting with the SuperBand Ab Twist to work your abs and core, followed up with the SuperBand Stair Stepper to work your arms and legs. For an additional leg workout, you can also incorporate a set of SuperBand Squats! Finally, finish your session with the SuperBand Upper Back and Chest Workout!

With just one or two of our SuperBands, you can get a full cardiovascular workout that will help you shape, build, and tone muscle all over your body – no matter where you are! This makes our SuperBands perfect for travelers, business professionals, or anyone with a busy schedule!

Check Out SuperBands Today – Your All-In-One Home Fitness Solution!

With the right SuperBands and the right set of exercises, you can get a truly unbeatable workout – without going to the gym! So take a look at our exercise and resistance bands today, and don’t forget to check out the huge library of resistance band exercises on Devel Fitness!

Once you’ve seen the power of our SuperBands, you’ll never choose another set of resistance bands. Shop today – and change the way you work out with our all-in-one home gym solution!

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SuperBands – 3 Easy Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

If you’re a real gym rat and fitness enthusiast, you may dread traveling. Traveling the world is fun, to be sure – but being away from the equipment and gyms that you typically frequent can really throw a wrench into your fitness plans.

And that’s without even mentioning the food – whether you’re traveling for work or for pleasure, you’re likely to have a harder time sticking to a diet plan. But if an upcoming trip has you stressed about your fitness goals, don’t worry! In this article, Devel Fitness will take a look at 3 easy ways you can stay fit while traveling – no matter where you may be! Read on, and travel with confidence!

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SuperBands – The Top 3 Benefits Of Resistance Band Training

It’s probably no secret that at Devel Fitness, we’re huge proponents of resistance band training. After all, our SuperBands provide the very best set of resistance bands on the market!

But we thought we’d take a minute to share some of the benefits of resistance band training with you – in case you’re not yet convinced that SuperBands are right for you! So read on, and learn about how resistance band training with SuperBands can help you reach your fitness goals!

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