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Consumer Health Tips: Women’s health

a group of smiling, happy women standing together outdoors in a row, with their arms around one another's shouldersWomen’s health: Prevent the top threats
The biggest threats to women’s health, which include heart disease, stroke, cancer and unintentional injuries, often are preventable. Take control by talking with your health care provider about your risk factors for these conditions, and then get serious about reducing your risk. Here’s what you need to know to live a longer, healthier life.


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Spontaneous coronary artery dissection
Spontaneous coronary artery dissection — sometimes referred to as SCAD — is an uncommon emergency condition that occurs when a tear forms in one of the blood vessels in the heart. Spontaneous coronary artery dissection most commonly affects women in their 40s and 50s, although it can occur at any age. It also can occur in men. People who develop spontaneous coronary artery dissection often are healthy, and most don’t have risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Video: Vitamins 101
You may know that vitamins are good for you. But how do you know which ones you need and which ones could be bad for you if you take too much? Learn more about taking vitamin supplements safely in this short video.

Hoarding disorder: Symptoms and causes
Hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. A person with hoarding disorder experiences distress at the thought of getting rid of the items and may not see it as a problem — even when it creates an unsafe living environment. This makes treatment a challenge. Learn about the symptoms and causes of hoarding disorder.

How fit are you? See how you measure up
Are you ready to start a fitness program? Knowing how fit you are can help you set realistic exercise goals. Get started with this simple assessment to check your heart rate, strength, flexibility and more. Then, use the results to set fitness goals and track your progress.

Housecall: Hand-Washing Do’s and Don’ts

washing hands in the sink

Hand-washing: Do’s and don’ts
Done properly, hand-washing is a simple way to avoid getting sick. Find out when to wash and whether hand sanitizers can work in a pinch.

Lyme disease
Grassy and heavily wooded areas can be home to ticks, which can carry Lyme disease. Get tips on how to prevent Lyme disease and spot the telltale signs.

Menopause and high blood pressure: What’s the connection?
For many women, blood pressure rises after menopause. Discover the factors that play a role.

Choosing sunglasses: Is ultraviolet (UV) protection important?
When shopping for sunglasses, look for more than fashionable frames. Be sure the lenses protect your eyes from UV rays.

Video: Vitamins 101
Psoriasis: Lifestyle and home remedies
Coping with the stress of hidradenitis suppurativa
Weight loss: Ready to change your habits?

Tuna salad sandwiches
Fruit salsa ‘n’ sweet chips
Mixed berry pie
Wacky chocolate cake

Early bird or night owl? Plan exercise accordingly
Want to exercise? Work with your nature ─ not against it. Plan physical activity for times of day when you tend to feel most active or at least not quite so lazy. If you’re an early bird, go jogging first thing in the morning. If you’re more of a night owl, you might prefer jogging at sunset.

Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover even more healthy lifestyle topics at MayoClinic.org.

Going the distance: Life’s not always a day at the beach
Are Americans’ values changing? Does a younger generation prioritize getting away over getting ahead?

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