2 superband lunge

The 2 SuperBand Lunge – Smarter than Dumbbells

Here I am performing a Two SuperBand Lunge

I’ve joined 2 SuperBands together and wrapped them around a pole to perform a SuperBand Lunge.

This exercise has many advantages over normal barbell or dumbbell weighted lunges. The lunge can be quite awkward, especially for beginners. Carrying a significant amount of weight in a more unstable position is just awkward. Lunging with a SuperBand is a more natural movement . Variations in direction are definitely more easily adopted. Not to mention the convenience of getting a tough workout when you want. Try carrying a set of dumbbells in your handbag!

This is a great compound exercise. Meaning you get a workout on multiple parts of your body with the one movement. Work the butt muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps and lower back. Your abdominals also get involved by the action. It also is great for your balance and coordination. Sports like surfing, badminton, fencing and numerous others really benefit from lunges.

You can try joining 2 or more SuperBands together to perform a variety of exercises, not just lunges. Rows, assisted pull-ups, wood chops and even workouts where you’re joined to a partner. This really adds some variety and fun to any exercise but can help maintain your motivation too.

Get creative and enjoy just playing around with the bands.

Travel with a set in your cabin luggage or backpack and take them on your next adventure.

Keep fit the easy way.

SuperBand Exercises

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